The past was dying, the future was frightening.
He had no reason to trust her and yet trust her he did.
The Blasphemy Laws Discover more John Dale, Australian author John Dale, Australian author An Orwellian novel for our times


It was the blasphemy laws which changed Britain forever. That’s what everyone said.

‘When he looked up he saw her across the road striding with her head down. She glanced back at the station entrance — at him, he thought — before she disappeared down a side street. He felt drawn to follow her. Was it possible she was his contact?’

John Dale, Australian author, The Blasphemy Laws


John Dale, Author


John Dale is an award winning author of nine books.

His best-selling true-crime biography, Huckstepp, was the winner of a Ned Kelly award, as was the first of his three crime novels. His other books are a memoir, Wild Life, an investigation into the fatal shooting of his grandfather in 1940’s Tasmania, a campus novel Leaving Suzie Pye, translated into Turkish, and a novella Plenty.


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John Dale, Australian author, The Blasphemy Laws

The Blasphemy Laws

John Dale, Author, Huckstepp


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